Welcome to the Northwest Ring of Fire!

IBM Ring #339
You've found the home of Magic in the Pacific Northwest! Our meetings are at 7PM on the second Thursday of every month, at the Richmond Beach Library, 19601 21st. Ave. NW., Shoreline, WA 98177

Drop on by and join the fun!

Want to become a member?
First, join the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Then, come to a meeting and pay $25 (single) or $35 (family) for your NW Ring of Fire membership dues. Joining after Sept. runs your membership through the next year.

NWRF Meeting Themes for 2016:

JANUARY: "All I got for Christmas was... " - Magic you received over the holidays, this year or some other year, or wish you had received.

FEBRUARY: "Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” - Coleridge's poem directs us to liquid including dreary outdoor weather. Containers (bottles, glasses, bowls), color-changing liquids, etc...

MARCH: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." - Act I, Scene 5 from Shakespeare's Hamlet suggests anything and everything, except what is expected.

APRIL: Transposition or Substitution (objects travel, or change places)

MAY: Transformation (object changes to another object)

JUNE: Penetration (solid through solid, including Ties, Releases, and Escapes)

JULY: Restoration (mending a mutilated object)

AUGUST: Diminishing (object diminishes in size or shape)

SEPTEMBER: Growing (object becomes bigger, longer or larger)

OCTOBER: Deterioration (often in comedy and pseudo-psychic effects)

NOVEMBER: Mental Magic (Divination, ESP, Mind Reading, Telepathy, etc.)

DECEMBER: Levitation (rising, floating, flying or suspended objects)

Join the Library... and learn something NEW

Want to improve your performance style, or explore a new genre of magic? Here’s your chance to further your artful education.

Yes… you will need to leave a one-time, modest security deposit (fully refundable), but you will have access to a growing library of information that will actually encourage you to learn, and think about your magic.

One item is available to each member, per month. Simply email our librarian, and he will bring the materials of your choice to the very next meeting.

Check out the LIBRARY page for more information.

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