Welcome to the Northwest Ring of Fire!

IBM Ring #339
You've found the home of Magic in the Pacific Northwest!

Anyone interested in magic performance and history is welcome, and encouraged to attend our monthly meetings. All ages welcome!

Our meetings are at 7:00 PM, on the second Thursday of every month.
Kenmore Public Library
6531 NE 181st Street
Kenmore, WA 98028

Drop on by and join the fun!

Want to become a member?
First, join the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Then, come to a meeting and pay $25 (single) or $35 (family) for your NW Ring of Fire membership dues. Joining after Sept. runs your membership through the next year.

NWRF Meeting Themes for 2018:

JANUARY: "Whudjaget?" (as in... "whudjaget" for magical gifts over the holidays?)

FEBRUARY: “Culture” – Perform or discuss something by a creator from another part of the world.

MARCH: "Tribute" - Perform or discuss something by one of your favorite creators, or from one of your favorite genres of magic.

APRIL: "Chaos" - Perform or discuss something where things seem to go wrong, but turn out right.

MAY: "Chance" - Perform or discuss something related to gambling, bar bets, or games of chance.

JUNE: "Fate" - Perform or discuss something that results in an impossibly predetermined outcome.

JULY: "Revelation" - Demonstrate a newly discovered sleight or false count, or something from a newly discovered magic creator, or just perform an actual revelation-style trick.

AUGUST: "Change" - Anything... from a color change, to a trick with pocket change, or even a transformation (change) of some kind.


OCTOBER: "Challenge"

NOVEMBER: "Gluttony" - When you end up with more than you need, like a BIG turkey dinner, but you devour it, nonetheless. (i.e. multiplying objects, Thimbles, Miser's Dream, 6-Card Repeat, etc...).

DECEMBER: "Courage" - Just before the New Year, perform something that you have always been afraid of performing in public... especially in front of a group of magicians! (perhaps a palm, or shift, or seemingly impossible move, etc...)

Check out our Magic Library... and learn something NEW!

Want to improve your performance style, or explore a new genre of magic? Here’s your chance to further your artful education.

Yes… you will need to leave a one-time, modest security deposit (fully refundable), but you will have access to a growing library of information that will actually encourage you to learn, and think about your magic.

One item is available to each member, per month. Simply email our librarian, and he will bring the materials of your choice to the very next meeting.

Check out the LIBRARY page for more information.

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